No Notification of Backup

I have been using Backerupper Standard for some time with the application on 2 different Windows machines. Just recently, I no longer get notification when Backerupper runs. How do I get Notifications to work again?

All runs have been "Successful" on both machines.
The "Send for Test" email works OK. When first installed, it failed, but after I changed the Google security settings, it worked (as did actual Notifications until just recently).

Notifications for both machines are Enabled, and both come to the same email address. 

Notification settings are all checked

The Schedule is set up as follows


  • Hi Al_N,
    Could you send us log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we check the problem further?
  • Do not know how to attach a folder, but all of the files in the Log folder are attached.

    It appears the issue is with my email address. When I first tried to sign into this forum, I got a message saying "Wrong Password." I know the password is the one I assigned when I registered, but in order to get in, I  clicked the "Forgot Password" link and requested new password be sent to my email. I never got the email with the new password - I tried several times over several days with no success. I then tried to Register again using my same email, and got a message saying that email  is already used. So I contacted Support at [email protected] They sent me new password and I proceeded with this post. Now I discovered you were kind enough to reply July 7, but I never received an email notification. So I am not receiving emails from the Backupper application nor from the forum. but I do from [email protected]

    Backupper notifications go to my address (Google security setting deactivated)
    Support & Forum emails go to my address.

  • Hi Al_N,
    According to the log, it seems that you don't enable the email notification for your task. Please find the task and click three-line button on the task and click "Edit Backup" and click "Options"-"General" and check if you enabled the "Email Notifications".
  • That did it. Thank you!

    Now, why do I not get email notification when you reply to my posts in this forum? Here are my settings

  • Hi Al_N,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We currently don't know why the forum failed to send to your email. We have submitted the problem to our technician yo check further.
    Could you change another email address (such as your address) to register a new account again and check if you can receive the confirmation email?
  • OK, I tried to set up another account using my gmail address. It said I must wait for a confirmation email. I did not get any email. I tried resend several times. I also tested both emails and they are working. Is it possible to send me message directly to both emails to see if they come through? 
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
  • Hi Al_N,
    We currently don't know why the confirmation email can't be sent to your email. Have you also checked the spam folder? We have submitted the problem to our technician to check and analyze further.
    We can confirm your email on our background. But, you can't receive email notification when we reply to your posts. it is the same situation as the confirmation email.
  • I have checked my spam folder - nothing there. I am now getting confirmation emails after Backupper runs.  But no emails when you reply to my posts.
  • Hi Al_N,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We have submitted the problem to our technician to check and optimize further.
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