Backup Management Improvements

Although quite honestly due to the BSODs caused by later versions, it seems like I will never get beyond version 4.06, I would like to make the suggestion of more options in the Backup Management area. I did try the later versions and despite loving the new clean feel, it was still lacking.

What I would like to see, is the ability to categorize. Currently there is a drop down box for filtering by period i.e "Latest week" "Latest Month" etc. What I would like to see is user created categories, with an option of setting a default category. For example, I have some backups that simply do not get backed up after the first time, USB memory sticks with Hiren's on for instance, they are just there so I can quickly restore Hiren's to a memory stick, same for the Windows installer USB memory stick. So it would be useful, if I could hide these in a category called "USB Memory Sticks" or something like that, then select that from the drop down menu when I wish to access them. You could then have other categories such as "System Backups" and "Document Backups" etc, this would stop the main Backup Management screen from being so populated with backups that do not need regular access.

Also the ability to drag and drop the backups into some order, if you import a backup, it automatically goes to the front and there is no way of moving it, save deleting the others and re-importing them in the reverse order.

It's just a suggestion to make the backup management area a little more useful to the end user, for those of us who end up using more than one page on the screen.


  • Thank you for your suggestions about Backup Management Improvements, I will forward this to our development department, thank you for your feedback.
  • Can you also introduce a "Yearly" backup plan option ?
  • Hi Huggy719,
    Do you want to purchase AOMEI Backupper Pro Yearly Edition?
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