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C drive free space info Discrepancy

Does anyone know why the C drive free space information shown in the Windows 10 Disc Management does not correspond by a large margin with free space shown in AOMEI Partition Assistant display? 

I am trying to create more free space on the C Drive of my small 32GB notebook. I removed an Unallocated Space 824MB (far Right of C drive), moved the Healthy Recovery Partition 635 MB and reduced it to 547MB to replace the unallocated partition and increased the size of the C Drive partition to 28.21GB. The C drive free space is now shown as 9.7GB in Windows Disc Management but 16 GB in AOMEI PA.


  • Please resize C drive a little, press Shift+Apply and see the result.
  • Thanks for your reply.
    I managed to extend C drive but only by 10MB pressed the Shift key with Apply as you suggested but unfortunately the AOMEI C drive diagram was still similar to the original attached so no change.
    I was hoping for an explanation for the differences but if there isn't one known I will leave things as they are for I know I am really only messing around within tight limits with this very small Computer Disc and it running satisfactorily for now..  Thanks Again
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