Explore an Image - Fault Code 4125 - found a solution

Windows 10 users with Controlled Folders activated are likely to experience this fault code when attempting to explore an image. The simple solution is to allow AOMEI controlled folder access


  • Can you provide more details on "Controlled Folders"?
  • Windows 10 includes a facility to prevent malware, especially ransomware, encrypting files. It is called "Controlled Folder Access". When enabled it prevents software, apart from software you have marked as safe, making changes to files and folders on your PC.
    You can access the setting from Settings/Update & Security/Windows Security/Virus & Threat Detection/Ransomware Protection/Controlled Folder Access
  • So when you add AOMEI to the allowed app, the 4125 error disappears?
  • That is correct, when AOMEI was added to the allowed app list, the 4125 error disappeared and I could explore the image
  • Thank you for the information, we will test the issue.
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