Dateien mit NTFS-Berechtigungen wiederherstellen

After installing the latest version today the following pages was displayed (as was before if I remember correctly):

There I noticed the entry Dateien mit NTFS-Berechtigungen wiederherstellen (Restore files with NTFS permissions)
which the standard edition is not capable to perform.

What does that mean?
That I cannot restore a single file saved from my NTFS disk?
Or is it that it only cannot restore such files I do not have permission to write them, e.g. system files?
If the latter is true, what when restoring a whole disk or partition?

For most of the comparison elements there is a question mark behind the text which gives some explanation but this entry lacks it.



  • You can restore a single file saved from my NTFS disk. 
    As for the feature, for example, you back up a folder that can be accessed by A, B and C account. When you restore the folder to another location that can be accessed by A, B account. So, the C account can't access the restored folder in the destination. If you check the option when restoring it, so, C account can access the restored folder.
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