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Manually deleting backup files

I use the AOMEI Backupper Standard Version 5.2.0 (upgraded today to 5.6.0) on Windows 10.
As data do not change that much on my system I only do manual backups once or twice a month.

Nevertheless, the target disk sooner or later becomes full. Therefore my question: can I delete backup files made before a full backup?
In the picture below, can I delete the first 3 files without touching the integrity the full backup in the 4. file? Is this what the scheduler/scheme does in the pro version?

Even after searching the forum back and for I could not find a hint for this problem.


(the full backup at the end of the year was made because I rearranged some hundred pictures)


  • Yes unless you want to keep more than one set. Some people keep older sets to possibly retrieve a file that was later erased before the next full backup was done. If you don't need anything from further back it will not be a problem to erase older sets.
  • @ Edger When you perform a new full backup, you can delete previous backups files.
    And, maybe you can use the backup scheme feature to delete old backups automatically.
    As for backup scheme, please refer to here: https://www.ubackup.com/help/backup-scheme.html
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