Re-initializing the backup system of files (differential mode)

I have started a daily backup in the differential mode and it works perfectly. From the beginning on, each new daily file representing the difference between the first backup and the present status gets growing in size.

Without erasing this system of files, I would like from time to time to restart from the beginning the daily differential backup, ie. creating first the "full" backup and every day after, a file with the differences between this starting file and the status of files on this day.
Is there a solution, again without erasing the previous system of files ?
thank you for your answers.


  • You could manually run a full backup and followed by differential backups.
  • Yes, but next differential backups keep writing differences from the initial full backup and ignore the new full backup. The only mean to start again from scratch seems to be by deleting all previous backups, including the first full one and then creating a new differential backup.
    But what about a crash during this very time when backups are no longer available and the new one is not completed yet ?
    Thank you for your answer.
  • How do you know it keep writing differences from the initial full backup, not the new full backup?
  • Simply because the difference file is growing in size every day. If it would start from the new full backup, the difference files would be much smaller.
  • If it's a system backup, the differential backup will be large, I think it's normal.
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