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Not sure whether scheduled backup task was created with incremental backups

I created what I think is a scheduled backup task with Backupper Standard. I never created any System Backup before and did not want to. I followed the online instructions here that says if you created a File backup task, but have not enabled a "Schedule" feature, you can do so by following method 2. 

So I created a File backup task first, then followed the method 2 in the online instructions to enable the schedule backup. 
After I added the folder and selected the monthly schedule mode, I selected 'Incremental' Backup under the 'Advanced' tab in schedule settings.   
Once I completed everything and the backup task was successful, I can see by clicking the three horizontal lines from "Home' and then selecting "Explore Image" that it's named as a Full Backup.
What I don't know is whether this method I followed also creates in the future the 'Incremental Backups'. I JUST want to know how to verify the next scheduled backup will be the first incremental.

All I see is an .AFI file created in File Explorer. I don't want to try to open it by the risk of corrupting it. I also don't want to restore it. 

Question #1 : Is there anyway to know the next scheduled backup WILL NOT be another Full Backup.

Also, the email notification setting did not work for gmail.

Question #2: Is there a problem with setting up email notifications?

Question #3:  Does the email address have to be the same email address that is set up in my profile on this forum? 

In 'Settings',  I entered my gmail address and password for Gmail Server. Then I clicked 'Send for Test. The problem is a message says, "Sorry, failed to send the test message".

I would appreciate it if the Admin would respond with direct ANSWERS to Questions #1, #2, and #3   


  • 1. No, you can only see the type after the backup.
    2&3: You may need to turn on access for less secure app in Google setting.
  • In regard to the reply to my question #1. So there's no way to see what type of backup is going to be run until after the scheduled backup is completed. There are only two options available to select in Backupper Standard under the 'Advanced' tab in schedule settings - either 'Full',  or 'Incremental'.
     If the developers would have added some information for users to know the type of backup to be ran in the next scheduled backup, then there would not be any doubt.

    In regard to the reply to my questions #2 & #3. If you're saying I need to make a change to my Google account setting so that it is less secure, I will not do that. I'm not saying I know this is the true reason why I can't set up email notifications. But if it is the reason, your app needs work in order to meet Google's standard.            
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