Pro 5.3 is very, very slow doing a differential backup

I have had to cancel 3 different backup as the estimates for completing the backups starts normal, however, will show 120 hours after a few minutes. The transfer speed just keeps dropping after starting the backup. I am trying to downgrade to V5.2 as I have never had any problem with that version. Can someone send me a link to the 5.2 pro version exe?
I am direct connect to an external HDD using USB.



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    I did a full system backup 10 days ago using V5.2 with no unusual time issues using same USB direct connected to same external HDD.
  • We have replied your email, please check it.
  • I have the same issue but only with one machine.

    First machine is a Windows 10 laptop (Acer) using a Rosewill USB3.0 enclosure and a 1TB hard drive.  It runs at normal speed with drive formatted as exFAT.

    Second machine is a Windows 10 AIO Desktop (HP) using a PNY 128GB USB3.0 flash.  It gets to 5% and then slows to a crawl.  I can't even stop the process, it snatches up all available machine resources.
  • I tried a 3rd machine, also an Acer laptop using the Rosewill enclosure and it also worked fine.  Of note is the fact that I used the PNY flash drive with the HP desktop before on BackUpper 4.x without issue.
  • @vpndist100 ; Please check your email, we have replied your ticket.
  • I haven't received an email.  I checked my junk folder as well.
  • I got the message shortly after I went to bed.  :)

    Replying now.
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