Not Deleting Old Backups on Removable Drive

I am using a backup scheme set to retain only two backups.  I am using a removable USB drive.  I periodically swap the backup drive with an identical drive so I can store the backup drive in a fire-proof box.  But when I do Backupper doesn't delete the old backups from the previous use of the drive.  I currently have backup files on the drive from 9/8/2019, 9/9/2019, 10/6/2019, and 10/8/2019.  My last backup failed because there was not enough space left on the drive.


  • Please use one USB drive as target.
  • No, the point of using a removable drive is the ability to swap it so you can have safe, off-network storage.  The right answer here is for the backup utility to recognize the old backup files and implement the two-backup-file scheme accordingly.
  • So you backup to one drive on the first day, and backup to the second drive on another day? If your backups are not in the same place, how can you expect the program to recognize the versions and perform a correct deletion?
  • Try to leave both backup devices with the same letter. It works with me
  • edited October 2019
    The backup drive always has the same letter.  When I swap drives, I unplug the drive I have been using and put it into a fire-proof box for storage.  Then I connect the alternative drive to the same cable.  Both drives are identical Western Digital Passport Ultra USB drives.  The problem is when I swap the drives, the backup utility doesn't correctly recognize the older backup files on the drive I have swapped in, and it allows more than two backup files to accumulate on the drive.  I have to manually delete any older backup files in order for the backup scheme to work correctly.
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