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How to check a Differential Backup actually is a Differential Backup in Backupper Standard

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I first of all created a full disk backup. Then I wanted to start differential backups. I see that the standard version doesn't offer the option to schedule differential backups. But from the Home tab, after a full backup was created, I selected the three horizontal bars and then selected 'backup' from the drop down menui. The options available in Backupper Standard are full, incremental, and differential. I selected differential, however the software created a backup and named the new backup as "Full Backup".  I can see the file size of this .adi in File Explorer as being much smaller than the 'Full Backup' originally created. But because the name that Backupper standard labels the differential backup, the question arises whether or not this is an actual differential backup, or if it is a Full Backup as the name implies. 'Explore Image' is telling me the alleged 'differential' backup that was created is a 'Full Backup"  

Could admin shed some light on what is going on with this new .adi file that I thought was supposed to be a differential backup ? Secondly, if it is a differential backup, why does Backupper Standard automatically name the backup as a "Full Backup"?         


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    Where do you see it's a full backup?
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    Here is a screen shot of the differential backup that was created on 9/29/2019. This can be found by going to "Explore Image" as I already mentioned this in my original post. I use great care and effort when writing in order to communicate clearly.  I really don't know why you are asking where I see the differential backup automatically labeled as Full Backup unless you didn't read my post carefully. 
    Are you able to respond with helpful information regarding my two questions I previously asked ? The screen shot of the backup created on 09/29/2019 being shown as "Full Backup" can also be found by going to properties and then selecting the versions tab. In addition, the logs also list this backup as a "Partition Full Backup". I want to know why the differential backup created on 09/29/2019 is seen as a Full Backup. I also want to know if Backupper Standard actually created a Differential Backup because I'm beginning to think it does not have the ability to do that.  

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