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Loading related schedule & Scheme to reloaded images

Dear Sir,

My question is that, is there any way to reload an image along with its already assigned schedule and backup Scheme?

Actually the problem is that whenever the backup tasks are disappeared from the Backup management windows due to any issue, then the latest backup image can be loaded via Import image method but whole schedule and backup scheme related to it, discarded and the program start backup after assigning new schedule and backup scheme.

One of its loss is that backup started according to new schedule and backup scheme creating new Full and Incremental/Differential series while leaving the all old images untouched and hence, extra space is occupied by these images creating insufficient disk space issues when using low memory HDD. 
So, it is necessary that after reloading the previous images, backup should be started based on the relative schedule & scheme instead of new one, 

Please reply asap

Thank you in advance, 


  • You could export the tasks to a .xml file and import the file when the tasks disappear.
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