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  • I have a system running win 7 with two hard drives, one with 'C' and 'D' partitions the other with 'E'  (lots of space) and 'F' (for backups) partitions

    My C drive was running out of space. I cloned 'C' to 'E' and have a clone named 'clone of C' all went well

    Now I want to run all my programe from the clone of C on the E partision. Do I have to rename the C partition to another letter and then rename the E clone of C partition to C.

  • Lowland,

    If you're actually booting from the 2nd drive where you cloned the C partition, software should run from there.  If you're still booting from the other drive then programs that are looking at a path such as c:\program files\someprogram\program.exe will continue to run from the C drive.  You can change this by actually booting from the new drive with more space or if you don't want to change the setup of the system, you can change the installation path in the software's configuration to reflect the new path.  Sometimes this is as simple as modifying a shortcut, but it could also include ini files, cfg files, registry settings, or re-registering dll and ocx files.  The complexity of the operation will depend largely on the software.

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