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Restoring partition very, very slow. And: How to move data & programs to other Windows OS?

Using AOMEI Backupper Standard. I´d have two/three questions:

Started Restore of a 630GB partition this morning. Coming back over 12 hours later, it has moved from 2% progress to 13% progress. In the maybe 30 minutes that passed since them, it moved from 13 to 18%. 
- Why is this thing so slow? It's impossible to use AOMEI to restore anything like that. I made it overwrite an existing partition (D:), if that was the problem, what should I've done differently?
- It seemed to speed up a bit since I started using the computer now. (I disabled hybernating & sleep mode before leaving.) Is there a reason why this would happen?

Second question:
What is the best way to restore data, and if possible programs, from a backup of an older Windows system to a newer Windows system?

Thanks for any answers!


  • 1. Where did you save the backup? And where did you restore it to?
    2. Only restore normal data, no system files?
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    1. It is stored on an external HDD, and was restored to a computer-internal HDD.
    2. I selected "partition restore", there was no information whether it would restore system files as well. Since the original partition was temporally broken when cancelling the operation earlier, I believed this just overwrites everything (and probably includes system files). But this is something you would know better than me.
    BUT it might be that it went to sleep after all anyway, maybe I stopped electricity supply accidentially and then it went to sleep or something. Even though it seems unlikely.

    There is another problem now: How can I determine whether a recovery ran successfully? I selected it to shut down at completion, but my computer might have also run out of battery. What events could I look for in the Events manager, for example?
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    The logs say there was a successful partition restore; the time and date mentioned there could fit to the starting date and time of the restore operation I'm looking for (23 hours before my computer shut down as visible from windows' system logs - the recovery took 23 hours.).
    Is this correct, do the AOMEI logs only show the starting time?
  • 1. Please test the read/write speed of your drives.
    2. If you want to restore system, please use system restore. The logs say the partition restore was successful, then it was successful.
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    1. The internal HDD was specified as 5400 rpm. I don't know about the external HDD. I'll just assume the slowdown was caused by a problem with energy supply, until it reoccurs.
    2. Nice, thank you, that´s good to know that it never prints it as "successful" in any other situation. You did not answer the part about starting time vs. ending time logging though? But I hope that answers the question. 
    But for the other question:
    I should have been more specific: It was not about a system restore. It was not about overwriting the new system. Instead the question was how to move files and, if possible, applications to a new system (new operating system and on a different machine). 
    To help you out, my assumption at your answer would be:
    - "Moving applications (fully installed, with data) is not possible to do without doing a full system restore (except maybe manually copying data to the right paths)." Is that your answer?
    - Moving files: You would probably say "please use the file backup function". I now just happened to have a full disk image already, and being lazy, I tried to use that. Also, when I try to do a file backup of the C: partition, the system "strongly suggests" me to do a partition backup. But it seems file restore isn't possible from a partition backup? The only option available that doesn't overwrite the OS was "partition restore", so that's what I did. Would there have been another, better way?

  • Yes, moving applications is not possible to do without doing a full system restore.
    You could Explore the partition backup to view the contents in it, and of course, you can copy files from it too.
  • Unfortunately I can confirm, that the restore of a partition is much to slow.
    I booted a new system with an i5-10400 and a NVMe SSD from a fast USB 3.0 recovery stick with latest WinPE (downloaded from your servers) and started the restore of about 50GB, which only took a few minutes to backup on the old system. But the restore probably will take the whole night! The external 2TB 3.5 disk with the backup data surely does > 100MB/s and the new internal SSD several GB/s (WD Black SN850). But the restore on the new much faster system will take ages. After an hour the restore is at 10%.
    AOMEI Backupper Professional V6.5. Backup on Win7, restore on Win10
  • @TKobler, Did you mean that you boot the win10 computer from the WinPE to do restore?
    Did you perform a partition backup on a Win7 computer? What partition did you back up? Its data is 50gb? or the image file is 50gb?
    Have you completed the restore now?
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