AOMEI PE Builder

I'm using AOMEI PE Builder on a Lenovo PC - windows 8.1.  I've created a bootable WinPe on a USB flash drive.
However it has failed twice now.   

I've researched this issue and discover the following :
"Certain versions of AOMEI PE Builder  may have some compatibility issues with the recent Windows updates released by Microsoft. There is a fix for this in Windows 7 which is -, Uninstall the 2 Windows updates KB3022345 and KB3045999 before creating the bootable WinPe.  However this fix will not work on Windows  8.1"

I'm sure you know about this issue.  Will there be a new version of AOMEI PE Builder available soon to fix this issue ?



  • Where did you see this message?
  • It was on the Computer website.
  • Well, we didn't test this issue.
  • OK.
    My bootable WinPe created by AOMEI PeBuilder has failed. 

    My Pc OS is Windows 8.1.
    The WinPe was created using :
    Windows ADK for Windows
    Would it have been wiser to create the WinPE based on the downloaded Windows 10 WIM image ?
  • Yes, Win10 WIM is recommended.
  • Thanks for you advice.  I have now created a bootable WinPe usingAOMEI PeBuilder.
    Great product.  I look forward to experimenting with it !

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