Need My 22 GB - Please HELP

Before getting rid of my old Dell laptop I removed the 320gb hard drive. I put it in a case to use as an external hard drive storage. Most of it is usable but the Dell info that is hidden will not uncover like Aomei says that it will. It is only 22gb but I would like to have it all. They show an unhide under advanced but that is not in the ProDemo like they lead me to believe. How do I unhide the Dell info, erase it and then merge everything so I have the entire 320gb ???     


  • Please upload a screenshot of Disk Management.
  • By now you probably have found the answer to your question, but just in case here is what I have done to eliminate the hidden partitions, but it means that you will lose all of the data that is on the drive.  If you use Aomei Partition Assistant you can select the drive containing the hidden partition and in the left hand column select the option to delete all partitions.  When you execute the command the entire disk will be unpartitioned.  Then you can go back and re-partition the drive with a single partition.  I have successfully done this on several discs that were once system discs that I reused as data discs. 
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