Problem Bacckuper pro

I noticed that the Bacckuper version for linux doesn't get the IP address correctly from the USB adapter. The card is correctly detected as seen in console 1, but no downloaded address. As I enter the address manually, this restore works without a problem. But clientdhcp does not automatically get the ip address.
But it works without a problem with the built-in network card. The problem is only with usb network cards. I tried several different ones and it is basically identical, i.e. no ip address.


  • Please use the WinPE version.

  • Under WinPE it is the same. As I enter the IP address statically it works. It does not get an IP address via DHCP via a USB network adapter.
  • Oh, I didn't notice it's a USB network adapter, not supported.

  • Well, the system properly handles this USB network adapter. The only thing that doesn't get the ip address via DHCP. This problem is in WinPE and Linux. In addition, I do not understand why Bacckupper in the linux version is a depleted version of WinPE, the more that as I did the restored test, the difference in speed is quite significant. Under Linux, it's 1/3 faster.
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