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Restore image on smaller partitions (Backupper)

I'm new to Backupper Professional and I'm struggling with restoring an image onto a partition. :/

The destination partition is smaller than the original one, but has much more free space than actual used data of the backup image. A hint indicates that the destination partition needs to have at least the same size of the original partition the data came from. I've tried it with complete disk backup as well as single partition backups, but it didn't suceeded.

Does Backupper not provide a way to restore an image onto smaller partitions and to adjust the partition table?



  • Is it a disk backup? The source drive is encrypted?
  • It's a disk backup and not encrypted. File system is ext4.
  • You can restore to a smaller drive if it's NTFS or FAT32, but for ext4, you'll need a larger drive.
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