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Part Assis Pro - Crash when performing Partition Recovery Wizard

My WD Passport 4TB suddenly started giving me problems.  It has about 3.5 TBs of data.

The only place it shows up is in Disk Manager... as unknown and un-initialized and no size data

Partition Assistant Pro sees the drive, but when I go to try to run the Partition Recover Wizard, it fails and crashes out of the program.

I bought PA Pro specifically to help recover the drive and data.... any help or suggestons?

Windows 10 i7 Machine


  • I've got a similar problem here, using WD Passport 2TB. When it start to scan the disk it gives an empty dialog and crashed out of the program. My machine is a Lenovo laptop, Windows 10 system, i7

    Got a screen shot here:

  • If the disk is unknown and un-initialized, Partition Recovery Wizard can't recover it.
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