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Backupper - very slow to verify image

I have used several versions of AOMEI backupper from around 4.5 to the latest 5.0

I have always found it to be one of the fastest backup programs for creating a disk image and the restore process is usually fairly speedy also.

However, I have found that verifying a disk image takes 2 or 3 times as long as it does to create it. This seems bizarre given that most other disk imaging software I have used, the verification time is usually shorter than the time taken to create the disk image.

Is there any reason why AOMEI backupper is so much slower at verifying the image? Can anything be done  to speed it up?

I should add that I have tried it on a few PCs (decent spec with i5 or i7 CPU) and have always found it to be slow verifying the image.

It doesn' seem to make much difference if the backup image is on an internal hard drive or an external USB drive. The only time, the verify was even remotely acceptable is when I tried creating an image onto a SSD. Obviously this isn't viable for regular backups because of the cost of SSD storage vs standard hard drives.

I have also tried booting from a WInPE disk and running the verify from there with the same slow verify performance.

Any thoughts?


  • Well, can't speed it up at present, we will try to improve this function.
  • It seems that this is still the situation with 6.2.  Although lacking  start/stop timestamps it's difficult to be accurate, just eyeballing the operation on several machines, it looks like verify is taking more than twice as long as backup.  It does seem strange.
  • @Gneuner2, Please try to check the backup manually under Tools-->Check Image, and check if it still also take a long time to check.
  • I have the same problem as @pt58, that the verification takes much longer than the backup itself. This applies whatever type of backup I run (full, incremental or differential) and whether it follows a backup or from tools/verify image.

    I am using Backupper Pro version 6.3.0.
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    A suggestion to the developers, Only check last created version as an option. 
  • @Alderny,@Longlife,@Gneuner2, Thanks for your feedback. We have submitted the problem to our dev team to optimize further.
  • I agree completely, using Backupper Pro 6.5. The disk backup verification takes about three times as long as the backup itself; this needs to be rectified.
  • This problem has existed for about 2 years now. How much longer will it take to fix?
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    I can confirm this - the analyzing/verifing speed is an absolute nightmare (tested in two scenarios, also with a direct attached second harddisk). We have just buyed the Technican Plus Edition for an server migration - a lot of money for such a cr**. Restoring the Image to an clean (double checked) harddisk (Hyper-V VHD) started with analyzing - it took over 4 hours for 250 GB (!!). Restoring itself took 1 hour. I understand the idea behind the analysis - before intact data are being overwritten it is a good idea to check the integrity of the backup image. But with an empty harddisk there is no need for this. And - it would be also a good idea the add an possibility for skipping this step.


  • @Slemke, Could you send us the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we check and analyze it further?
  • Sorry, thats not possible, it was a cold boot cd (WinPE, I mean). I will take a look for it at the next migration.
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