Backupper - very slow to verify image

I have used several versions of AOMEI backupper from around 4.5 to the latest 5.0

I have always found it to be one of the fastest backup programs for creating a disk image and the restore process is usually fairly speedy also.

However, I have found that verifying a disk image takes 2 or 3 times as long as it does to create it. This seems bizarre given that most other disk imaging software I have used, the verification time is usually shorter than the time taken to create the disk image.

Is there any reason why AOMEI backupper is so much slower at verifying the image? Can anything be done  to speed it up?

I should add that I have tried it on a few PCs (decent spec with i5 or i7 CPU) and have always found it to be slow verifying the image.

It doesn' seem to make much difference if the backup image is on an internal hard drive or an external USB drive. The only time, the verify was even remotely acceptable is when I tried creating an image onto a SSD. Obviously this isn't viable for regular backups because of the cost of SSD storage vs standard hard drives.

I have also tried booting from a WInPE disk and running the verify from there with the same slow verify performance.

Any thoughts?


  • Well, can't speed it up at present, we will try to improve this function.
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