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Backups have been done but no more logs available

Since the last AOMEI  update no more logs have been created - without any any changes made by me.
I can see on my external drive that my incremental backups have been done - so why did the logs stop from one day to the other???
Please help! 


  • You mean logs in Tools-->View Logs?
  • Thanks for asking!
    Yes, when I go to Tools-->View Logs the last log was performed July 8th and since then not one single backup is listed (except one backup which I started manually and cancelled manually on July 11th)
    Also when I go to Backup-->Properties-->Logs no more logs are listed since July 8th.
    Finally I did not find any setting to turn log files
    ON or Off. 
    Please help. 
  • Did you use the filter?

  • Hi,
    yes: the filter says ALL FILES re. Date
    and the filter says ALL FILES  re: Result
  • Please create a new task to check the result.
  • Okay, with new tasks logs are created  - thanks.
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