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AOMEI Backupper 5.0.0 missing options e.g. unmouning or overwriting (?)

AOMEI backupper needs getting used to. My first experience with the new version 5.0.0 was a little bit frustrating and time consuming figuring out the wanted option.

1. When I wanted to restore a directory a very fast disappearing popup message told me that the directory does exist (at least what I could grasp within a second). I miss the option "overwrite the existing files" during a restore. I know that I used a newer backup for the restore.
2. I mounted an image sucessfully and explored it. I miss the option "unmount the volume".



  • I have this problem also.  Question how did you remove/unmount the Amoei  Image ?  I ended up with 3 of them.   There just does not seem to be a way to unmount them.  
  • I guess you mounted a system image. This will result in 3 virtuall drive. I had success with the "unmount" question. For your convenience I have created a step by step "Mount - Unmount" PDF with sreenshots. I hope this will help you without much words despite of the German language. Unfortunately I am not allowed to attache this file. If you want to contact my privately you are wellcome
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    Just like in the old versions you can detach a mounted image. In previous versions you had to go to the Utilities menu and then Explore image. Now you have to goto to the Tools menu (upper right side) and then Explore image. Click on the drive letter and then an option Detach will appear...

    If you had looked closely after mounting you could have read this Detach tip, just like in previous versions....
  • Yes, you are right! If one had looked closely after mounting one could read the Detach tip. Unfortunately, I have done this after successfully playing around with the backupper. Your description is very clear. IMHO sometimes an illustrated guide is much more clearer. Thanks for your post. Any comment on the "overwriting" option during restore?

  • How do you restore a directory? In Windows Explorer or any other file commander, not?
  • In Windows Explorer.
  • So what's the problem? All problems must be Windows Explorer related, not Aomei's. If you cannot read the personal documents use another explorer like Q-dir.exe.
  • Believe me I have restored many files with many different versions of AOMEI over the years. Windows is not the problem!

    May I describe the problem in detail.

    I want to restore a directory with the an older AOMEI backup. I choose restore, choose an image file and tick the box of the file I want to restore in the original directory. The only option I can see is: Start. The backupper starts and after the restore there is a very fast disappearing message you could hardly read but it tells me something about the data handling (? the file does exist ?). The log file informs me that the action was successful.

    I was used to the option whether the existing files in the original directory should be overwritten or not.

    Now, where can I find this option?

    My impression is that the backupper retains the existing files.

  • In the meantime I have managed to get a screenshot of the message which confirms my assumption.

    Diese Datei existiert, und der Wiederherstellungsvorgang hat die Datei bereits übersprungen.
    This file exists and the restore has already skipped the file

    Is there a way to call AOMEIS's attention to this thread?

  • In the old version, it will skip the existing files too.
  • I was not aware of that. However, I was quite sure that there war the choice of keeping or overwriting the files.
    I would like to test this. Is there a way to uninstall 5.0.0 and install the previous version again without any problems?
    I have overwritten the older download, unfortunately.
    I can't believe that it should not be possible to restore the data of an older backup and replace the recent files. :/
  • You can download old versions from here: https://www.backup-utility.com/changelog.html
  • Thank you all for your attention and efforts to answer my question. To falsify my statement that there is a difference in the restore options between version 5.0.0 and 4.6.3 I have deinstalled AOMEI backupper 5.0.0 and reinstalled version 4.6.3

    Version 4.6.3.                                 5.0.0
    Restore the at the original place    Restore the at the original place
    Restore at another place               Restore at another place

    restore the NTFS rights                  empty
    displace the existing files                empty  

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    From the AOMEI support I have got the answer today. One will find the options on the opened restore window under settings (small rack-wheel icon left lower corner)
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