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Restoring Windows 10 system after motherboard change ?

I plan changing my motherboard and processor (from Intel 7  to MSI  Ryzen threadripper) and would like avoiding re-installing all my softwares.

Is it possible by saving existing system ( Windows 10) or by making a clone of existing SSD ?

Thanks in advance for advices.

Kind regards



  • If you aren't using old system, just put existing OS SSD in new system. On reboot, windows usually hashes it out enough to get to your desktop so you can load new chipset drivers, etc. I say usually but going from Intel to AMD may cause a problem. If so, making a backup image with Aomei Pro version would allow you to restore to an unlike system with universal restore. You can use same SSD to restore to. Be sure your copy of Windows is digitally activated and linked to your Microsoft account before swapping boards so you won't have a problem with this.
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