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Lost the OS on a cloned drive 6 months later.

I used the backupper pro to clone a disc in December.  Worked great.  Now the OS failed in June.  I'll lose 6 months plus of data if I can't get that cloned disc going again.  Can I clone the system back onto this SSD that  has failed?  The disc won't boot.  Repair, Restore etc on windows 10 are to no avail.  If I could "clone the system partition" or "migrate the OS" would that get me going again? 


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    Failed how? Corruption, electrical, mechanical??? Are you doing backups? This is the one single most important reason to do them. Drive failure. I guess all that is moot now. My guess is unless it's a corruption problem in the boot sector your choices are limited. There are repair programs out there that can correct boot problems. (google for them) It may cost to get one unless they offer a free version that allows that function to work. If the SSD had an electrical malfunction, I doubt it would be reusable. And even if you could re-clone your old drive to it, would you want to take the chance it wouldn't fail again (assuming it wasn't a boot sector problem). You could boot into backupper rescue mode and see if you can do a partition copy of the OS partition, redo the clone and then try to restore that partition to the drive. Lots of things you can try but without knowing what failed it's harder to give a correct answer. But if you do a re-clone you'll be limited in what you can save unless the OS partition restore would work. Lots of things you can try but without knowing what failed it's harder to give a correct answer. 
    You could start by trying this: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-rebuild-the-bcd-in-windows-2624508 
    You can get to a command prompt using the Aomei bootable USB if you created it. You can make it on any PC and use here. https://www.backup-utility.com/help/create-bootable-disk.html
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