exclude hiberfil.sys, pagefile.sys and SystemRestorePoints from system backups?

lately i switched from acronis  to Backupper professional and i like it.
but  i cant find very important option to exclude custom folder from backup and system files that takes too much space for nothing .

Could you add such an option in the next Aomei Data Backupper release?

Thank you



  • hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys are already excluded by Backupper automatically.
  • But yes, it can't exclude custom folder, we will improve this function.
  • edited June 24
    glade the hear that) thanks for replay
  • List of files that won't be backed up are listed here in the registry of Windows:


    Aomei respects those entries. So that is a possible way to exclude files from the backup. 



    c:\bin\*.* /s

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