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Im out my Depth Dont no Get Fixed

iv a dell inspiron 1545 as never have 1 clueless at most things technoligy got 2nd hamd all good i conntacted dell channge owners, then i started getin confused wot id put on i didt no id got admin account cant remember email i used ,Dell want alot if money even advice i didt get a disk with it thats were im stuck i dont no who fixes them price (im on a fixed income) i dont wana try fixing as i feel iv prob made worse pls help i need help i cant get past login (i woz trying learn to keep treatments hospital visits so i wanted learn av not got best memory pls inbox me Thank  you Its on win7 if i got win8 or 10 would it restart it HELP 
idealy id luv to Factory Settings Reset 


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