Recently did copy partition wizard, from ide to sata/ata hardrive all went well but.....

Hello everyone,

First of all i want to not the most cpu savy person.

 I recently did a copy partion wizard from a IDE hardrive to a Sata/ata hardrive, all was completed perfectly but when i disconnected the IDE hardrive and restarted the computer just with the new hardrive it doesn't load, it goes to a black screen with one line on the top left side blinking and it doest go past that, the os system never loads just stays on that .... =[  

If i connect the other drive it loads the os system perfectly, an on the computer it shows the new drive with all the files.

This is what it shown on the hard disk drives window.

Local Disk (C:)  (IDE Drive)

12.6 MB free of 19.9 GB

Local Disk (E:) 

2.34 GB free of 2.38 GB

Local Disk (G:)

444 GB free of 463 GB

ps. IDE Drive (the one the os system is on) has only about 10mb-50mb free all the time. 

(Low Disk Notification appears every 5 min) tried deleting programs, doing a clean to the drive and also a defrag but the drive stays on 10-50mb.

Cpu specs:

Asus M34A88T-M motherboard

Maxtor 20gb IDE hardrive 

Seagate Barracuda 500gb Sata/ata

If someone can help me out i would really be gratefull !!!

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this.


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