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How big should my backup drive be?

This may be a silly question but ...
My primary drive is a 1TB ssd. I would like to do a backup of it. Do I need a 1TB drive to do the backup to? And does the backup drive have to be internal to the PC or can I use an external drive?


  • It's not the size of the source disk that matters, it's the size of your "used" space. So if your data takes up 200Gb of space you would need at least 150Gb free space on the destination drive as the image is usually compressed. And assuming you might want more than 1 backup, you'd want at least 300Gb. So a 500Gb drive would be a good choice. Your backup can be either an internal or external drive. Ideally, you'd want an external drive that can be removed from the PC and kept in a safe place away from your computer. This will protect you from viruses and possible loss if something happens to your PC. I use both. An internal to run scheduled back ups and an external that I connect up monthly or so to keep a spare copy away from the PC.
  • Thanks very much Flyer for this.
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