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Aomei Backupper Technician Implementation for company; Bit-support

So my manager wants an image server to clone Windows 10 machines and deploy them on fresh workstations. Also he needs a backup tool to easily backup an complete OS with its settings and files to our NAS Server.  He gave me acces to a Windows Server 2012 R2. My question is; how does this exactly work?
These are the preferences of the Image and backup server;
  1. I want the Amoei backupper to be installed on the Windows server
  2. Use pxe boot to capture images of a specific workstation
  3. deploy those images by using pxe boot into other Pc's 
  4. make a back-up of a complete os and save the data on the NAS server that is connected on the network
  5. manageable from the windows server
The idea is that i install the aomei backupper technician tool on the windows server and do everything from that server. So cloning and deploying without installing amoei on the workstations. Is this possible ?


  • Do you want to restore images to the workstations? Or you want to backup these workstations?
  • Both options are important for me, first i want to make a backup of the excisting workstation and afterwards restore an image on these workstations. So that they can be used by other customers and the backup stays in our database for if the old customer wants his data back. Thanks for the fast reply.
  • Based on your case, you could try AOMEI Image Deploy: https://www.backup-utility.com/image-deployment-software.html
  • I just want to restore 1 image on 1 workstation every time, its not that i have alot of computers that need an image at the same time.
  • So i want to create an image from an excisiting system with a couple settings like; personalization, programs, system setting. I want to use this image for workstations that need to be installed
  • AOMEI Image Deploy can also restore 1 image on 1 workstation, it is included in AOMEI Backupper Technician.
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    but how can i create an image of an excisting system on the same network  from  the my windows server.
  • You can create an image by AOMEI Backupper.
  • So i install AOMEI backupper on the server and then how can i reach the computer that i want to image? And is the image available for different hardware or only for the same specific hardware? Can u explain it clearly instead of typing 4-5 words.
    1. I have the 'Aomei image deploy free' tool downloaded on the server and ' Aomei backupper' on the workstation.
    2. i Made a image of the workstation to the nas server.
    3. I created a bootable WinPE file so that i can boot a random workstation  to acces ''Aomei image deploy free' on the server
    4. this is the screen that i get now
    5. So the workstation responded to the boot request, but i cant get IP settings from the DHCP server because there is another DHCP server on the network. So the problem is that the Workstation doesn't boot to the DHCP server on the (Image Server) but to another DHCP server on the network.
    6. So now i cant select the workstation because it cant get IP configuration of the (image server) DHCP
    7. How can i possibly fix this?

    Cant see the client
  • Did you tick the option below?

  • No i didnt, thought that it wasn't necessary because i got a DHCP server on my lan. Do you recommend to tick that option?
  • I checked that box and tried again. Still can't find the PC. Probably because there is more DHCP servers on the network. What do u think?
  • Please disable the firewall to see if it works.
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