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Can't boot from restored disk image on a new SSD

I'm running an MSI GT72 laptop with just one M.2 SSD slot which I'm trying to upgrade from 256GB (Kingston) to a new 1TB card (Samsung 970 EVO).  I've already attempted making a disk backup saved to an external HDD using Aomei Backupper, swapping out the SSD cards in the laptop, then booting back up using an Aomei Backupper bootable thumb drive, then restoring the disk image to the new SSD (and making sure to choose the Universal option since it's a different SSD).  After this is complete, I reboot and am immediately taken to the WIndows 10 troubleshoot page where I then attempt to use Startup Repair (this never works).  I've also tried entering into the Command Prompt and typing in the bootrec.exe commands that are suggested on the Aomei website (bootrec.exe /fixboot is always access denied).  After trying all this plus about a dozen variations of the backup/restore process, I just can't seem to get this to work.  What am I missing here?  (And I already know how to enter BIOS settings and change the boot order, so there's no issue about making sure I'm booting to the correct drive when I need to.)


  • UPDATE: I tried so many different things with Aomei Backupper that I was eventually forced to try Macrium Reflect and that's what worked for me :neutral:
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