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Feature Request Aoemi Centralized Backupper

Please incorporate the ability to do the following in Aoemi Backupper Centralized:
1) Check backup integrity on completion
2) Shutdown the PC on Backup completion.

As it stands right now, I need to remote in to the PC which is being backed up and enable these options in the PC client.  You should be able to do eveything in ABC, that you can from the client.



  • Thank you, we will consider your suggestions.
  • I would like to have a way to set up backup chains.  For example, one full, 10 incremental.  Or one full for every 6 differential.  Where one could set the number of each and type. 
    I would also like to have a way to name the task to something I like instead of the backup type and date the task was created.  Free form would be nice,
  • Hi Tom, thank you for the suggestions.
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