How to Map Drive Letters "C" after Cloning a drive?

Maybe a stupid question - but how can I rename a cloned system partition to drive letter "C"?
I was cloning my laptop Windows HDD to a new standard hard drive by using AOMEI Backupper Pro and it works fast and fine, but i got for my source partitions "X" (100 MB for Windows 7) and "C" on the new HDD two partitions with letters "I" and "K" because the Windows disk management doesnt allow the same letter twice.
Do i need to rename this partitions "I" and "K" to "X" and "C" anyway before i can boot my laptop with this new drive, and how can I do this?
Many Thanks for help.


  • You don't need to map drive letter manually, Windows will assign drive letter automatically after successfully booting from the target drive.
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