Partition Manager won't recognize my external hard drive

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I am trying to copy my boot drive over to an external hard drive, but the partion manager can't see the external drive.  I can open it up and view the files, it is assigned a drive letter (F:), and it shows up as a drive in Disk Management and I can change its partitions there.  The only difference that I have found between the drives is that under Security, my C: drive is owned by TrustedInstaller, and my F: drive is owned by Administrator.  Could this be the problem and if so, is there a solution?  I would appreciate any help to resolve this Issue, thanks.


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    Hello ipegg,

    Welcome to AOMEI Forum. Please first try connect this external hard drive via USB2.0 port of your computer. If the program still cannot recognize this disk, thus, this disk maybe a advanced formatting disk. We are sorry that Partition Assistant doesn't support it so far.

    Best Regards,

    AOMEI Tech Support Team

  • Thank you for your help.  If I reformat the drive will the advanced formatting be removed?

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    Hi ipegg,

    Advanced format use 4096bytes as one sector, it is a physical term, you are unable to remove it. 

    Best Regards,


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