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recovery boot device

Tried twice to create a boot CD/DVD. It runs fine up to 99% and then loops. Message I get is program not responding when checking. Running on window 10 selecting "Legacy" then "windows 10 PE" options.  Not  usre what is going on. I thought tis was going to be simple. Any help is appreciated.


  • Can you still boot from the DVD? And is Legacy the right option for you? On UEFI PC you need the UEFI version.
  • My system is Legacy. I found that out trying to change the boot sequence which it wont let me. ??? Not been able to try the DVD.  Still looking at why I can't change the sequence.
  • Partially resolved the problems. Was able to create a boot device using a USB thumb drive. Creation went to 100%. Figured our how to re-sequence the boot order making the USB sequence 1. Restarted the computer and the thumb dive booted the system with the AOMEI program main menu.

    Still don't know why the CD/DVD didn't complete. Will try and see if it boots some other time.
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    Forum members often report that the CD/ DVD stops at 99%, but are still able to boot from it. Probably an error in the Windows DVD burn program.  You can try on another legacy PC of the same 32/64-bit processor type if you can't change the boot order on your PC now.
  • Hi, are you using version 4.6.3?
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