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Move Win10 from HDD 1tb to SSD 120Gb

Hi i have a problem with AOMEI Backupper , i would like to move WIn 10 from my HDD but when i choose a partition in my ssd it say that the destination partition is too small and i need a partition of 870gb but my ssd only have 120 gb !! 

How can i move my Win 10 please ( Sorry for my ba d english i'm french )


  • Install a fresh Windows 10 on the SSD and  the programs you need. Use your HDD as a data drive. You need to set the HDD to inactive (as boot drive) because you can only have one boot disk. No Aomei needed for these actions.
    That is what I would do.
    Or buy a bigger SSD. 1TB or so. You cannot put 870 GB on a 120 GB disk. And SSD's need lots of free space for  optimal performance.
  • Did you encrypt the HDD? Disable the encryption and it should work.
  • Thank you good advice
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