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my sd card formats but it goes back to unfromated state !

hi my sd card recently got problem with formatting and when i tried to format it with aomei partition assistant it says successful but after a refresh it goes back to unformatted state
please help


  • Did you try to format it in Disk Management?
  • Yes. it won't format there
  • How about Delete Partition?
  • Doesn't make any difference it goes back to unformatted state after the process and after another formatting it still at that same state
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    They can get broken you know. Throw it away and buy a new one.
  • This is a second 64 gb sd card same situation with the previous one and it doesn't make any sense , i checked the sectors and nothing was wrong
  • You try with Windows Diskpart to clean the card, see if that works.
  • Checked , i tried clearing the read only too then formatting and stays the same
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