Can I restore to a new/different drive with Aomei?

Hi all,

My SanDisk SSD failed less than 3 months outside of it's warranty period. Very frustrating as I have contacted them and they will not make an exception.
Can I restore the system backup I made with Aomei to a new SSD of the same size but of a different brand?
If so, how would I go about it? Do I need to format the drive first? Or will the restore process format it?

Thank you


  • Just hook up the new drive, boot the PC using your rescue startup disk and click on restore (system or disk). Navigate to the backup image you want restored as the source and have the new drive as the drive to restore to.  That's it. Restart your PC and you should be right back to the point you created your image. This is exactly why you've been doing back ups.
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    Great! Thank you for the response and I appreciate the quick rundown. I'll report back with how it works out.
  • Worked like a charm!
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