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Merge or Resize C Drive with Unallocated Space (make larger)

Just made a clone of a 1 TB HDD to a 1 TB SSD (same size). It was successful. However, both drives have 700 MB unallocated space. I would like to make the C Drive (that is where Documents are) larger and take advantage of all that Unallocated space. Can I just merge C drive with the Unallocated Space? I do see that option when I right-click C drive, merge, and the "merge partitions" pop-up window shows. I see checkboxes next to C (pre-selected as target disk) and the "Unallocated" space. Will that work? Another option I am considering is making a simple partition from the Unallocated space of around 400 GB, leaving approx. 300 unallocated - in case I need it for the future. Do I just create the partition then merge C drive w/that new partition? If I click "re-size" option for C drive, the newly formed partition or Unallocated space is not next to C (or contiguous) to allow me to use that new partition to make C larger. Thx for any help! 


  • It would help to see a screen shot from Disk Management to see exactly what you're dealing with. You can only extend a partition with a partition that is adjacent to it. Are you trying to do this with Partition Assistant or Windows Disk Management? PA may allow you to move partitions so they are adjacent depending on what they are that's why it would be good to see your disk layout.
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