AOMEI Backupper does not restore properly

Before I restored my windows disk image I backup my game saves. I used file sync.
After I restored windows to 3 months prior, I used the restore and selected -restore to original location, -Replace existing files.
When launching game the game saves weren't there. I had to manually goto the folder where my backup saves were and copy them myself into the folder. Why didn't Aomei do this?
The files are
from Farcry New Dawn


  • Please check the path length of these files, is it too long?
  • The path is -  C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\390011c0-8565-4495-b23c-099c2ef0bacf\5211\

    But Syncbackpro restores it without a problem.

  • Please explore the backup to see if the file was successfully backed up. Can you show me the file list as shown below?

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    Can't explore image because there is no image. I used File sync and I know the files are there because I have to manually copy and overwrite the files to original location. The program won't do it. So my choice is manually copy them or use Synbakpro.
  • I have been diligently performing System Backup regularly and decided to try restore it.. for once since it has not been tested before. Well, it went bad and PC unable to boot up after restore. MS Recovery failed to recover.. Unable to reset PC as well.. Totally devastated.

  • @kktan0068 Please delete all partitions on target drive and restore again.
  • I guess my only option is to uninstall and use syncbakpro
  • It seems to not overwrite newer files with the older files when restoring. And there is no option in setting to do so!
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