Backupper Standard fails to run scheduled task, reboots instead!

I can no longer backup my devices using scheduled tasks.
Manually starting a incremental backup works fine.
It seems that this is since I upgraded to Backupper Standard V4.6.2 on January 27. 2019 but a system update could be a reason.
This has worked before but I can not say for sure when it occured first.

I set up the schedule to backup in the night at 01:30. When I check in the morning there is no backup on the destination and the system has rebooted at 01:31.

The system is a laptop with W10 home 1803, 16GB memora and
a 250 GB internal SSD system disk (Disk 1)
a 2000 GB internal HD data disk (Disk 0)
a 4000 GB external USB backup disk

I start with a disk backup of Disks 0 and 1 and than set up the schedule.
I already did a second Disk Backup Disk Backup(2) and set up a new schedule for it but all I get is a reboot.

Neither in the logfiles in the AOMEI Installation path nor in the system event logs I was able to fing a hint about the cause of this problem.


  • Hi, just wondering how do you know your computer rebooted at 01:31?
  • I use bginfo from sysinternals. This tool displays some system information on the wallpaper.
    But you can also get the time from the system event viewer.

    In the meantime I created a new backup, did a disk backup and scheduled a task for a incremental backup at 02:00h. Same Problem.

    Next I will remove AOMEI, clean files and registry and reinstall it from scratch.
    Results will get posted here :-)
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