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Feature request: Dark mode

dark theme would be great


  • Hi, you mean Backupper or Partition Assistant?
  • Partition Assistant
  • More than 4 years later and still no dark theme in Partition Assistant, really sucks :( Thanks for blinding me every time I launch it.
  • Aomei, could you please include a Dark Mode feature in all of your products? Thank you.
  • @AiArtisan, @Placebo, We will submit the suggestion request again to our dev team.
  • Please get rid of the ugly GUI, the colours are terrible, looks like crap, it was better in the previous version (9). Please give us the option of Dark, Light or Custom and also sidebars.
  • White UI is burning my eyes
  • Vold, until they add the dark mode, you could reduce monitor brightness, or put Windows into night mode which removes blue light.
  • Another vote for a dark mode please. 
  • Another vote for a dark mode please. 
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