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Run Differential Backup Manually But Get Full Backup........

So I've created my backup scheme as differential and scheduled it, I've performed one full backup to the programmed destination for the backup, then when I go into the application and run a manual backup  Backup -> Backup With Scheme, it runs a full backup even though the scheme is set for Differential, what am I missing, I see no other way to perform a backup manually.  Has anyone else run into this issue ?


  • Without seeing the way you set up your backup, I can only guess that you left the box checked that says to run a full backup first. Start over with your backup definition and make sure that box is unchecked when you come to it. This is only a guess but is a place to start from.
  • Yeah, sorry I forgot to put that in there but I did set it up initially without that particular check mark so it's not checked, I'm still scratching my head on this one
  • I'm doing this from memory (bad idea for an old guy like me) but there are 2 places where you can mark differential. One is in schedules-advanced and then again in schemes. When you do it in schemes, the first run will be a full and then diffs will run next time until you reach the limit set for how many to retain.  Again, just fishing.
  • Yes, I have both set to Differential, ran the first backup so the full was created in the destination directory.  I have my backups scheduled to run at night, however, last night my computer blue screened before the backups ran unbeknownst to me so this morning I woke up to a blue screen, noticed my schedules hadn't run, of course, then tried doing the manual run and it created another full backup, so both areas are set to differential, there is a full backup in the destination directory yet running the scheme manually produces a 2nd full backup...... still scratching my head....
  • If I remember correctly (which would be a miracle), if you run a scheduled backup manually, it will run a full backup. If you let it skip and do it on schedule, the next will be a diff. if that's the way it was set up. I used to have a full run on Mon and a diff on Weds and Fri. Pretty sure when I missed a diff for some reason and I ran it manually, it ran as a full. Just like you were getting. Not sure why but that's what it did. 
  • Did you tick the option below? If yes, there will be 2 full backups and the first one won't be deleted.

  • No I did not check that box, didn't want two full backups but i'm getting them whether I want them or not
  • How do you confirm it is a full backup, not differential?
  • By the size of the file, there is a considerable difference in size between the full and differential backups I do on my drives, more than 100 GB difference.
  • @Mrwizard, I sent you a PM several days ago on this. Check your mail.
  • Flyer,  Yes I received that email and replied to it  :)  Thanks for the info I'm putting it to use now and all is good
  • I am seeing the same thing. Differential backups are larger than full backups that are made 2 days earlier.
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