AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro version 8.0

Nice new look of the program.

A few suggestions for improvement of the UI.
- Could the text font be made adjustable in the settings? At the moment the letters are very small and not very well readable;
- Could there be a color scheme in the settings? At the moment the lay out is light blue, would be nice to be able to set it to a darker color, like dark grey.

Possible UI bug:
If I click on the blue area on the top of the screen there appears a white line all over that area and also three little boxes become visible on the top right corner... If I minimize and then maximize the window of the program the bug seems to have gone.


  • I was just going to ask for the same text font adjustment.  I don't have computer glasses and on websites it's easy to adjust font size.  But this program has small size text and no obvious way to change it.
  • @renehoss ; Thank you very much for the suggestion, can you upload a screenshot of the UI bug?
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