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AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro version 8.0

Nice new look of the program.

A few suggestions for improvement of the UI.
- Could the text font be made adjustable in the settings? At the moment the letters are very small and not very well readable;
- Could there be a color scheme in the settings? At the moment the lay out is light blue, would be nice to be able to set it to a darker color, like dark grey.

Possible UI bug:
If I click on the blue area on the top of the screen there appears a white line all over that area and also three little boxes become visible on the top right corner... If I minimize and then maximize the window of the program the bug seems to have gone.


  • I was just going to ask for the same text font adjustment.  I don't have computer glasses and on websites it's easy to adjust font size.  But this program has small size text and no obvious way to change it.
  • @renehoss Thank you very much for the suggestion, can you upload a screenshot of the UI bug?
  • edited March 2019
    I have the same problem as the previous users. On my display 1600x900,  DPI scale 125% all fonts are too small :(
    And white line all over that area and also three little boxes also appears. PA Pro 8.1
  • I can confirm that in latest version PA Pro 8.1 the UI bug is still present, as is clearly visible in the screenshot in the comment of F13Reboot.
    Please add an option in the settings to enlarge the font. Thank you.
  • @F13Reboot Can you tell me your OS? Did you see these three little boxes when launching the program?
  • I have this little UI bug while using Windows 10.1809 (17763.379) with PA Pro 8.1.
    It is not visible when launching the program.
    It becomes visible if you click somewhere in the light blue area, i.e. right next to the icon of "Free Backup".
    If you minimize and then maximize PA then the UI bug is gone.
  • Thank you for the information.
  • * Unfortunately the UI bug is still present in PA Pro 8.2.
    Running on Windows 10.1809 (17763.437).
    * Also the fonts are still very small on a display of 1600x900 with 125% dpi.

    Could you please correct?
    Thank you.
  •  I am running Windows 10 1903 (18356.21) and I don't have this UI problem. Maybe there was something in Windows 10 1809 that was causing it that was fixed by MS.
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