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Can disk image be transferred to new hard drive?

Can I transfer a disk image to a new hard drive and it will boot?


  • You don't transfer a disk image. You "restore" it to the new drive and it should boot. 
    A few things that you should keep in mind when doing this. Do it in a pre-windows environment with the Aomei boot disk (USB). Make sure the new hard drive, if it has been used, is formatted the same as the original disk. That would be either MBR or GPT. If it's never been used, that shouldn't matter. If you're using it in a different PC be sure to use Universal restore (paid version only). I have a test bed PC I use to try out different features of Backupper and I've restored a disk or system image to a new SSD many times with no problems.
  • Why am I having an issue then? 
  • You could be having issues for a number of reasons.  The first thing that I would question is where did you create your rescue media and which type of rescue media are you using?  The rescue media should always be created on the machine that you are going to use it on.  For example: I created a WinPE rescue media on a AMD system with a Ryzen Processor and tried to use it to restore a backup from a Intel machine.  Since the rescue media came from the AMD system it did not contain the appropriate Intel SATA drivers and the backup would not boot when it was restored.  Next question comes to mind is what is the bios mode of the machine?  Is it Legacy Bios or UEFI bios?  That makes a difference as to how you create your rescue media if you are creating a WinPE rescue media. 

    Lastly when you created the backup did you choose the option to create a system backup, disk backup, or partition backup.  If you want the backup to boot up your machine upon restoral then you should choose a system backup or disk backup because they are the only selections that handle the Master Boot Record properly which is critical if you want your restored image to boot up your machine.

    I have created a lot of backups and also restored a lot of them successfully.  However, I have also tried to shortcut the process and have had my share of difficulties.  I would suggest that you read the tutorial for performing backups carefully as I have found them to be simple to follow and familiarize a person with the overall procedure.
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