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System Backup SSD to HDD Extremely Slow

Been using Aomei Backupper longer than a year on multiple computers (5+). Never any issues.
Built a new very fast computer with the latest hardware - Aomei backup takes 5-6 hours???

Creating a system backup 
From: C: 500GB GPT drive (970 EVO NVMe ) 45GB system OS and data
To: D:  2TB GPT drive (7200 RPM SATA)

After a couple of minutes the transfer speed finally stabilizes at 6-8MB/sec ?????
Tested with another target drive - exact same thing.

No Anti-virus or other apps running in foreground or background 
I saw a few others with this issue and AOMEI has no answers??

Please anyone with suggestions and solution (been through all the basics)


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    After a little in-depth search I think I have come to some possible issues that are causing the lag though not making much sense to me.

    The SSD uses 4096 byte sector whereas the typical hdds are 512 byte sector.
    It is possible that direct backup from larger to smaller does not work with AOMEI backup software ??? I say that with hesitancy but would be nice if an AOMEI staff or someone who has experienced the same that has come across this.

    But …… currently I am able to perform the same "system backup" mapping a network drive to a USB docking station with the 2TB GPT drive (7200 RPM SATA), and the backup speed is back to normal (or at least acceptable to me at 30MB/sec transfer.)

    I am concerned with this backup/restore scenario using the AOMEI software. 
  • How did you connect the target drive? Via USB port?
  • The target drive is currently connected via a home network share created on another computer. The actual target drive is a SATA drive in a Sabrent docking station connected to the "another computer" via USB 3.1.
    Later this afternoon I will test to see if a target drive directly connected via a Sabrent docking station has the same success and will advise.
  • The Aomei backup works perfectly when the target drive is a USB connection directly connected to the host computer. 
    The problem I see is 970 Evo backed up to an onboard SATA drive?
  • Then please connect via USB port directly.
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