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Windows task scheduler incorrectly reports failed backups as succeeded

I use Windows task scheduler because it has capabilities that AOMEI's scheduler doesn't offer.  As the title says, Windows task scheduler incorrectly reports failed backups as being successful.  The only thing I can think of is that it is saying that Backupper correctly said the task failed in the log file, but not that the backup failed...


  • Can you show me the Windows task scheduler report?
  • This will take some work to locate and correlate the AOMEI logs with the task scheduler history.  This is an observation I have had for a long time but never reported it.  I might try forcing a failure when I get some time.  Can't your technical team come up with a test case to see if they see the same thing?  I would expect there to already be a test case as part of an acceptance test plan / procedure for qualifying the software.
  • Well, actually it is not recommended to use Windows task scheduler because we didn't test it.
  • Window's task scheduler is far better and more powerful than AOMEI's.  Backupper is the only program that I have and I'm aware of that implements its own scheduler.  I would recommend putting testing efforts in Window's task scheduler and deprecating (in Microsoft's vernacular) Backupper's scheduler in the next version, migrating existing users to Window's task scheduler.
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