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AOMEI Backupper Linux Bootable Disc Download

This iso contains no mouse support. Do you guys at aomei test your own products. Nor is their an option to add drivers.  Windows PE version still does not boot.  Is their a pre-made  windows version iso I can download till this issue is fixed.


  • Hi, did you tick the "Download WinPE Environment" option?
  • yes, that doesn't work either. I complained about that in another post which seems to have been deleted. Why?
  • Do you use a wireless mouse? A wired mouse works for me.
  • Please try the ISO we created to see if it works.
    It's a Legacy boot ISO.
  • I concur on the lack of wireless keyboard and mouse support, and also no USB keyboard and mouse support in the Linux recovery environment.  Good thing that I have a PS/2 keyboard and a USB to PS/2 mouse adapter.  However, I usually forget to plug them in and have to start over plugging them in and rebooting after I find them.

    I also noticed that going back and forth loses the drive letters and displays Linux style paths for the drives.

    Lastly, I found the need to power down and start fresh if something goes wrong because to make thing work the same way the second time around.  The program operation seems to be inconsistent unless I power down first.

    Also, AOMEI program launch can take a LONG, LONG time, to the point that one thinks the recovery media doesn't work.
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