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Cannot Mount Image from NAS - "The file in an image file can not be mounted or explored by AOMEI Bac

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Cannot Mount Image from NAS - "The file in an image file cannot be mounted or explored by AOMEI Backupper"

Here's the ONLY way I can mount and explorer an image:
- The image MUST be created by the computer you're trying to explore the image with (possibly not even when you reinstall Windows). If you use a different computer to try and explore a backup (*.adi file) of another computer you're out of luck.
- The backup job used to create the image MUST exist in the Home tab under "All backups are listed here"; if you deleted the backup but preserved the *.adi files you CANNOT explore those images. If you reinstalled Windows and want to copy files over from your backup, you CANNOT do this as it's not listed under the backup.
- If the IP address of the NAS server changed you CANNOT explore those images (e.g. from to

This is all based on my very frustrating experience. Can Aomei officially confirm this? or is there another way?

All my images have been checked for integrity. I have/bought Professional version. I don't want to restore my backup. There's a reason why I have to reinstall Windows. I just want to get files from my images.


  • Okay, it seems you have to do this:
    Utilities --> Import/Export configuration --> Browse to the image and hit okay
    go to Home --> Under the newly added "task" go to advance --> explorer image, mount.

    The directory structure of the original backup location must be preserved. If using an IP address of a NAS, this must be the same. Didn't try this, but probably reassign IP (keep it static).
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