why should i be required to download AIK?

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I downloaded AOMEI OneKey Recovery last night, but when I started to backup system, the software required me to download AIK? what's wrong with that? Did my computer go wrong? who can tell me! T_T!!!  


  • Hi ziveil,

    There is no problem with your computer, so please set yourself to be easy. As for why it required you to installed AIK, it is because your system doesn't support to use OneKey Recovery directly; it needs the help of AIK. Is your system XP or Vista?

  • my windows is windows 7

  • Hello ziveil,

    When you use Onekey Recovery, it will detect that whether you have the environment first,because some operations will be finished under WinPE environment, so it need you install AIK. For more information about what AIK is used for and download AIK, you can visit this site:  http://www.disk-partition.com/help/winaik.html

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