[Server Edition 4.1.0] No Email Notification / licence migration

Hello there,

Im running Backupper Server Ediiton 4.1.0 on Win 2008 Svr Std R2. Since about a year Im not receiving any email notifications regarding success/failure of daily backup, although the test email is being delivered.

Any known issues?

As Im going to migrate to Win Svr Std. 2016 - how can I migrate my licence from the old to the new machine?



  • Can you show me your email notification config? Please contact [email protected] to migrate license.
  • edited December 2018
    Sorry for my late reply. Send for test works fine but Im not receiving any notification mails although every box is ticked.
  • Did you enable notification in the task?

  • Yes, it is enabled. Even if a new backup task is created, still no notifaction. As lifetime upgrade is included in my licence I will try to update to v4.6.
    Im going to upgrade my server to Server 2016 soon, so hopefully a clean installation will solve this bugging problem.
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